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Our Services

We work with your primary caregiver to create a holistic solution. Our therapeutic goals are focused on getting to the source of the impairment, and then implementing a treatment plan that is manageable for the specific individual. We work closely with you and your other healthcare providers to get the best outcome.

sports medicine and rehabilitation

Accident Related Attendance

Whether you have a minor sprain/strain or are recovering from a major trauma related to motor vehicle accident, we are here for you to ensure that you get quality care, based on current evidence-based medicine to achieve the best result. We can work with both your primary health care provider and your legal team to ensure that all your accident-related injuries are dealt with.
orthopedic rehabilitation

Work Related Attendance

If you are injured on the job, we can help you achieve your maximum therapeutic potential in restoring your previous level of function. We work with your healthcare professionals as well as your adjusters.
sports injury physical therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

Have you suffered a rotator cuff injury playing football? Do you have shin splints or runner's knee from training for your next marathon? At Springs Physical Therapy, we're trained to treat conditions ranging from running to contact sports injuries. We'll get you back into the game and help you reach your personal goals with our individualized sports medicine and rehabilitation treatment.
sports medicine and physical therapy

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

At Springs Physical Therapy, we are trained to give you the best care regardless of the source of your problem. Whether you are suffering from arthritic pain, injured hip or knee due to a fall, or neck or back pain, we provide individualized treatment for all orthopedic related injuries and pain. Our therapists are experienced and conscientious practitioners in orthopedic and sports physical therapy who are familiar with a wide variety of musculoskeletal impairments.